Nomadeec is a comprehensive mobile diagnostic and telemedicine platform focused on delivering the most accurate information as fast as possible.

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During the development of this application , I had to face different problem relative to performance of UI. The main challenge was to integrate a lot of UI elements with very different animations. I made this project using Unity sprites instead UGUI and a tween system in favor of the classical Animation/Animator system The result was a really optimized application that play at 60FPS. After this experience I decided to keep only the tween system because the Sprite workflow doesn’t leave to much freedom to artistic side Especially in a production time of 2 months.

It was the opportunity to continue to develop inside the team SDK, what I call a master shader. A shader full of extended features that are not included inside the built in unity shaders This approach leave the possibility to develop new features gradually on every project , Without losing important production time but at the same time pushing the quality higher from project to project.