Luca Pierabella 3D Artist, Programmer for short a Technical Artist

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I studied at the Big Rock Center @ Treviso,to mastering my CG skills. After this, i worked in the 3D field with many architecture studios and Ars Medica Italia. I graduated in Computer Science at the University of L’Aquila, with a thesis about shader languages in Unity and how they work in DiXidiasoft’s most recent game: The Steampunk League. As a technical artist i have many interests in the field of artistic CG, especially for modeling through Maya and ZBrush. I also try not to ever miss the technical aspect of things as a result I have a particular passion for the rig and writing shaders. I love my job, I think it is first of all a passion and this leads me to see any delivery or project as a challenge, often I am going to do beyond working hours. Other times instead I work on personal projects and study something new, that maybe i could use in the near future.

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