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“The Mont Saint-Michel: Digital perspectives on the model” a HoloLens experience celebrating French culture and innovation: The goal of the exhibit is to use mixed reality technology in a way that empowers the Musée des Plans-Reliefs to unlock a more vital kind of storytelling.

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Here we have the 3 official Microsoft Today in Technology episodes.

The biggest challenge on this project was to find a way to display a 3d scanned object of 13,5 millions polygons inside a Hololens application In order the texture were gorgeous and completely non-optimized (21 Texture of 16kx16k resolution)

Original model Textures

Acchieved result

This challenge has been accomplished using a combination of Maya, Zbrush, Sympligon and Turtle Bake Renderer
I’m really proud of this job because it was originally estimated on 4 weeks of full work for one man. The originally idea was to model everything in low poly(crazy). Thanks to this workflow I reduced the modelling time in 2 days and 3 other days were used to unwrap properly the UVs

I will write a more detailed article in next days, on how to face this type of problem.


As always I have been responsible for: